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  1. What a beautiful place! To sit and meditate and hear the sound of the crashing waves was magical.  It was a great experience, I learnt a lot, including getting my tongue round Sanskrit chanting. I intend to build new samskaras when I leave here. 

            Thank you

             Linzi, London UK

  1. Knowing how much work goes on behind the scenes to present any holiday and yoga experience.  I think a massive thank you. To practice, meditate, in quiet shady areas, and on the beach, and Oh ! those sunsets. Thank you Cecily- It was a great to be a student and really turn off for 5 days, great yoga.  I have always loved the Sutras, and drew much from your interpretations of them. 
    I would love to bring a group out here, and I am sure when they see my relaxed smile,  
    at home they will all want to come, especially when I tell them about Nimali’s   

            Om Shanti – Jill Cook London

  1. What a wonderful setting for a retreat.  It is certainly everything that Cecily promised  

      and more.  Yoga practice on the veranda with the sound of the sea in the background  
      was magical.  I never actually thought I would be chanting the sutras in Sanskrit   
      (although I still need to iron out a few pronunciations!!) by the end.
      Nimali was always smiling and her cooking absolutely delicious.    
      Thank you Cecily for every thing.  I am going home re-energised.

       Debbie London UK

  1. I came on the retreat to re energise and kick start my yoga practice. It lived up to all that Cecily had promised.  To meditate on the beach at sunset is a memory that will stay with me forever.  A truly wonderful experience beyond all my expectations.Annette Monks South Wales UK
  2.  Samyama has been a wonderful place to recover- plus the yoga an extra I was not quite expecting.  The trip you organised was outstanding and the first millennium culture is extra ordinary and mind blowing.  Thanks for sharing so much and also the staff team being so great, helpful and kind.

           Elizabeth Henderson UK