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About Cecily Sumner

Cecily Sumner has been involved with yoga for over 25 years, and is passionate about sharing this gift. She qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 1990, studied with Sandra Silvester; Gill Lloyd (personal tutor), Paul Harvey, TKV Desikachar, (T_Krishnamacharya's son) and Kausthub Desikachar.

At present Cecily is teaching the BWY foundation course (for persons wishing to deepen their relationship with yoga or as the first step to teacher training). She has recently qualified as a KHYF Teacher (Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation in Chennai, India) and a BWY Advanced Teacher.

In 2006 Cecily built Samyama Yoga Centre in Negombo, Sri Lanka, and now offers Yoga retreat holidays 3 times yearly.

Cecily is also a EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques); EFT is an energetic system using the acupuncture meridian points to balance and deal with emotional trauma.

Yoga has supported and helped Cecily through and over many obstacles. She sees Yoga as a means of continual growth, and a life long commitment.



Cecily Sumner is a unique and exceptional yoga teacher. She teaches her small classes in the style of the late Sri. T. Krishnamacharya which emphasises practicing yoga based on the individual's needs and capacities by using asana, pranayama and meditation. Her depth of knowledge enables her to adapt her lessons according to the needs of her class. She also runs wonderful retreats to her home in Sri Lanka each February. Cecily has been my teacher for 5 years and not only have I benefitted and enjoyed our weekly classes, but I have a firm grounding in this style of yoga which will play a part in my wellbeing for the rest of my life.
Lara Philpott - 14 Oct 2009






The Vinyasa Yoga School was recommended to me as I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety which had led to being physically debilitated. I was also suffering from symptoms of the per menopause. The 1:1 yoga therapy provided was a life saver. The therapist is sympathetic, empathetic, but highly practical. The therapy includes everything from basic principals yoga asanas, breathing and relaxation, but if interested you can work towards deeper understanding of yoga.
Barbara Martin - 3 Jul 2009

Cecily has been the best yoga teacher I have had over the years. She is a teacher and mentor. Our practise is well thought out and informed,it always flows and is balanced, Cecily encourages you to fufill your potential and listen to your body. I would recommend if you what to immerse yourself in a full yoga experience, the breath, the psychology, the asanas.

Jo Parsons - 17 Jun 2009

I look forward to every session, Cecily's house is a sanctuary that I thoroughly enjoy visiting every week. I initially thought Yoga was about my body but Cecily has helped me see that it is about the mind and that all things flow from this. Although this is my first term, Cecily has already given me the inspiration to realise that it is absolutely right that we should look after ourselves and our mind and that this time spent is sacred.

Kate Gascoigne - 15 Jan 2009

Vinyasa Yoga School is situated in a lovely peaceful location and it's Principal, Cecily, is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough yoga teachers I have encountered in fifteen years of practising yoga. The small class numbers mean that everyone receives personal and individual attention. I would highly recommend Vinyasa Yoga School to anyone wishing to study yoga, whether for recreational purposes, personal development or for health reasons.

Lisa Macdougall - 15 Jul 2008
Cecily is a wonderful teacher. She has already taught me so much about myself and how yoga can be part of my life.
Nikki Archer-waring - 13 Jun 2008

The level of teaching knowledge and commitment to students personal needs is truly exceptional.
Paget Macdonald - 6 May 2008

I have been a student before, during and after pregnancy. Cecily is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I have no hesitation in recommending the Vinyasa Yoga School to beginners or advanced students alike.
Karen Barham - 28 Mar 2008

I have been a pupil of Cecily Sumner's for over 10 years and have found her to be an exceptional, intuitive teacher. I can happily recommend the Vinyasa Yoga School.
Francesca Stewart - 28 Mar 2008

I have attended the Vinyasa Yoga School for the past 6 years. Tuition has always been person centred and aims to stimulate and develop the student both physically and mentally. We have the benefit of Cecily's breadth of experience and continuing personal development.Like anything - the more you put in - the more you get out.
Ann Ogle-skan - 26 Mar 2008